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Mortimer Goth’s Story Part 4


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Cornelia passed away in her early 80’s. Vladimir had just grown into a child. Mortimer was devastated that he wasn’t able to finish the potion soon enough to save his mother.


Alexander is a loner but loves to talk to his toy Puzzle.


I didn’t know how to make the imaginary friend grow. I finally figured out how. From Alexander’s inventory I dragged the doll on the floor and let it sit there and a few sim hours later it grew.


So here you can see Puzzle is seen when I click on Alexander. But when I click on any other sims she becomes invisible. So Mortimer has no idea who Alexander is talking to. :)  Imaginary Friend.

Screenshot-156 Screenshot-157

And she grows.


Alexander was tinkering with his father’s science lab and made a potion and had his Imaginary Friend drink it.


She turned into a real person!


After a make over she turned out to be really pretty. Her name is Rose.


Alexander introduced Rose as his friend. Everyone was impressed that he had a friend at all since he usually spent all this time by himself. Also Vladimir is now a teenager.


Since it would make his family curious as to Rose spending all her time and nights at the house, He makes her sleep in the attic until he can think of a better solution.


Meanwhile Cassandra dated her boyfriend for a while, but he hated it when she flirted with him. She finally dumped him.


She then started dating Terrance. They were much more compatible.


I made the mistake of bringing Cassandra’s toy out of her inventory and he’s constantly around.


Mortimer attended Ian’s graduation and met his wife and learned she was pregnant. After Bella’s had passed away she had left the house to Ian. Michael and his wife had moved out to a smaller house of their own with their daughter.


Terrence and Cassandra soon got married and had family and friends over to celebrate.


Cornelia’s sister Agnes is still alive and attended the ceremony.


Mortimer gained a lot of weight fast! The ghost of Lolita started appearing again. She had appeared on the night of Cassandra’s wedding. She assured him she had never left, she had been watching.


He made her eat a special dish with a potion he had invented that he called ambrosia, in hopes it would revive her.


The potion worked!


It was love at first sight for Mortimer. She was so pretty and pure.


Having Lolita got him out of his depression and he started exercising and lost all that he had gained since Bella’s disappearance.


To satisfy the Town’s curiosity he told them that she was a girl he’d met out of town.

Lolita Goth Sims 3

The spend long hours together talking about the past. About how awful their lives had turned out until they met each other.


Gunther also started dating. He went on a few dates with a woman from work, Tori. But then he found out she was also dating his son Vladimir. Gunther was furious and humiliated.


Then he accepted a date with a nice woman from Town, but it also didn’t work out. Although in reality he would be in his 80’s without the potion, he just couldn’t bring himself to date an older woman now.


And then he met the cutest girl he’d ever laid eyes on and fell in love. He knew it would make the Town gossip about him, but he didn’t care. He wanted to live again. To enjoy his stolen youth and life.


After graduation Vladimir moved out on his own.


Stones that belong to the Goth family.


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