Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Asylum Mentally Healed Part 03


Cerenia managed to reach “Orchestra Lead” Level 8 in her music career by the time she left the Asylum. Using the “Mid Life Crisis” with her lifetime points, she changed some of her traits. She’s still a Great Kisser, Charismatic, but instead of Absent Minded, Hates the Outdoors, and Insane, she’s now Ambitious, Virtuoso, and Good.


Cerenia goes to visit them. Everyone else were able to change insane with something else.

Audrey: Artistic. Tom: Athletic. Teesha: Friendly.


Eddy: Charismatic. Barb: Handy. Carmine: Schmoozer. Candice: Good sense of humour.


Cerenia began dating a man she met at work. Abe treats her like a princess and she couldn’t be happier.


While I was making him in CAS I thought he was gorgeous, but in the game I find his eyes are freakish.


Things I learned while playing this challenge:

When entering Boolprop debug mode, don’t type boolprop. Just type: testingCheatsEnabled true

I used it in order to reset the family funds to 100 dollars when starting the challenge. I had trouble because Cerenia’s last name has a space in it so it wouldn’t work.

You can change your name and last name at the Town Hall in the daytime.

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