Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sade’s Legacy – Part 06


It took some coaxing but finally she got Trigger Broke to WooHoo with her.


But then all too soon Trigger Broke passed away. She was heartbroken. She was now 98.


Meanwhile Emma met a guy she really liked, Alec Blanton.


She invited him over a few times to her house. {are those real?}


A romantic evening on the couch with the ghost of her father watching them.


But it didn’t stop them from getting closer and more intimate.


Alec had spent the night and the following morning while Emma painted he was flirting with Sade who’s 101!!! I was so shocked by this and she is Emma’s mother!


Alec was still at the house and Emma had left for work when Sade passed away. She lived to be 101.


I was looking all over for her urn when I realized it was a big tombstone because she reached her LTW of reading all recipe books. I am sad that she is gone.


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