Saturday, September 17, 2011

Ugly Gene - Laide Affaire Part 01

This story is based on “Dilute The Ugly Gene” Challenge. View other Ugly Gene Challenge Images / Snapshots Here.

Here is my ugly Sim. I made her as skinny as I could. Her name is Laide Affaire (Ugly Thing). Her traits are: Childish, Clumsy, Hot-Headed, Inappropriate and Family Oriented. 


Here is a side view of her.


Laide Affaire lives alone and works at the Bookstore.


When she goes out people often stop and stare. Most kids are afraid of her, but this one stopped and talked to her.


When he asked her to play with him she accepted. She learned that his name was Skip.


Skip introduced her to his uncle Buck Broke.


She was expecting Buck to grab his nephew and leave, but instead Buck started a conversation with her.


He even held her hands as he asked her if she’d like to walk with them.


She walked with them and he brought her to visit his home. She met a few of his relatives.


She later invited him to come over to her house. She even wore her best clothes.


She cooked a meal for him. Although she ate a lot she never gained weight. Her mother used to tell her that it all went to her nose.


Everything was going so well. She decided to light a fire to make it more romantic.Screenshot-49

Buck got too close to the fireplace and fire caught on his clothes. Laide tried to put the fire out.


She had to call for help and the fire department finally were able to put the fire out.


After that terrifying incident Buck went home and Laide figured she wouldn’t be seeing or hearing from him again.


She sold her fireplace and bought a TV instead.


She did see Buck again! Strangely he showed up at her place in his underwear and he still hadn’t showered from the fire incident.


He told her he didn’t care how she looked, that he could look strange as well but it wouldn’t change how he felt about her since he met her.


He was acting so crazy. Telling her he loved her. She didn’t know if this was a practical joke. Whether she should laugh or cry.


He had asked her to meet him at the Park the next day, saying he had a surprise for her. She waited for him a while, wondering again if this was a prank and he had stood her up.


Suddenly he showed up, playing his guitar for her and then proposed marriage.


They got married that sunny afternoon. And although he still hadn’t showered, it was the best day of her life.


On their wedding night he finally showered and they spent all night talking about their dreams and the life they were going to build together. She learned a lot more about him that night. Buck was married to Mary Lu who died and left him a widow with 2 grown kids: Susie and Trigger.

Buck’s Traits: Loves the Outdoors, party Animal, Flirty, Good sense of humour, Slob. He works at the Cemetery as a Burial Specialist.


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