Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ugly Genes / Seven Deadly Sins: Part 12


Generation 6: Lust:

  • Your sim must have at least 6 lovers and have at least 1 child from each lover in the house.
    Your sim must never be engaged or married... ever... EVER!
    You may only use "Try For Baby". Never plain WooHoo.
    You must be at least friends with all your children because you think, no KNOW, that each child is a precious gift from every affair you've had.
    You must spend at least 2 hours of quality time a week with each child living in the house
    When your kids are older, you encourage them to find romance!

Florence dated Dale Black. She was full of lust and showed it no matter who was around.


She soon got pregnant but she didn’t want to settle down with Dale.


Francis is now a Young Adult and on top of still wearing female clothes, he now also wears makeup.


She had a girl she named Georgette. She told Dale he could see his daughter as often as he wanted to, but she refused to marry him.


Georgette is now a toddler. Francis eats almost as much as their mother Eva.


Florence decided to buy a house of her own with her daughter.


Her brother Francis moved in with her.


Florence dated Orlando Sterling.


Florence went to visit her grandmother Denise, she was as much full of anger as she’d always been.


Denise died on the exact same spot where her husband had died when he got electrocuted while fixing the dishwasher many years ago. A few days earlier, her brother Dexter had also died.


Florence’s brothers, Fred and Frank are growing and still as close as ever. Florence is pregnant with Orlando’s baby.


She went to visit her father Coby. He was still living with Corinna. Florence didn’t know if they were lovers or not, but whatever the situation was, they seemed happy. Unfortunately Corinna died that night. The next day, Jill Grubb, the one he’d later had an affair with and had a son named Mason, also died.


Georgette growing.


Not long after Florence has a baby girl she named Gisele, she started dating Lawrence Lum.


Lawrence was married and his daughter Lucy was in Georgette’s class.


Gisele, Florence and Georgette. Florence is pregnant with Lawrence’s baby.


Florence threw a birthday party for Georgette. Her mother Eva is now older and seems less fat.


The birthday cake caught fire as Georgette was about to blow out the candles.


Georgette is now a teenager. She has the ugly gene body frame, but her face is beautiful.


Florence dropped by Orlando’s house to show her his daughter, but he was angry that she would show up at his place since he’s married. Unlike Dale, he didn’t want anything to do with his daughter.


Florence had a baby boy with Lawrence whom she named George. She’s really packed on the pounds after 3 pregnancies.


She’s now dating Leroy Hopkins.


Leroy is very flirty and he even flirted with Francis.


Florence brought the kids to see her father. He was living alone now that Corinna had passed and he was lonely.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Ugly Genes / Seven Deadly Sins: Part 11


The situation was certainly getting stranger and more awkward in the house and Carey wasn’t helping the matter by flirting with both Corinna and Eva whenever he had the chance. Both didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. But no one was ready to move out. Eva wanted to find a house but she couldn’t afford one. Coby promised her they’d save money and move out soon.


Meanwhile while Eva did all the cooking, Corinna was good at housecleaning.


Eva visited her brother when she could. Marion was trying to loose weight by exercising, but Eva wasn’t interested and kept gorging on ice cream.


Her brother Emery was an Adult and had let his hair grown.


Her brother’s son, Bradford really liked it whenever Eva came to visit and he was excited that Eva was pregnant again.


And although the living arrangement was strange, Carey loved his daughter and Corinna also held no grudge to the child and helped care for her whenever she could.


Coby brought Eva out to the Lounge and popped the question.


Florence has the same shape from the first generation. All females end up with this weird shape.


Eva and Coby were having their wedding day when Eva started her contractions.


She had a boy they named Francis then they got married. Eva’s uncle Donald passed away the next day of the wedding. He’s on the right in this picture.


Francis is a cute and fun child.


Carey is getting older and he misses having a woman in his life.


Carey started seeing Jill Grubb. He knew she was married, but it didn’t stop them from being romantically involved on the side.


Eva is pregnant again.


Francis seems to have Annette’s eyes from the first generation.


Eva is still constantly eating and when she’s pregnant she eats even more.


Eva’s mother, Denise came to visit, but she hasn’t changed. She still doesn’t like kids and criticizes Eva for being pregnant again.


Eva has another son she named Fred. Corinna loves being a grandmother.


Coby works as a cop. The brothers, Francis and Fred are getting along beautifully with the loving guidance of their grandmother Corinna.


When Eva got pregnant again for the 4th time, Carey and Corinna moved out. The house was getting too cramped.


Francis is growing and he loves dressing in girly clothes.


Coby was doing his rounds in Town when he found out the woman that his father was having an affair with had a child, Mason. She was still living with her husband, but the kid was Carey’s child, which was Coby’s brother.


Eva had another son she named Frank.


Florence is watching her own weight and refuses to eat the hamburgers her mother constantly makes.


Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ugly Genes / Seven Deadly Sins: Part 10


Generation 4: Gluttony 

  • Your sim must be noticeably fat. (Obese is optional, but preferred)
    You must master the Culinary career and the Cooking skill.
    You don't find love until you reach late Young-Adulthood/early Adulthood.
    You must accept all food related wants (if male) and/or pregnancy cravings (if female)
    When you have kids (if female), you gain a lot of weight!


Daniel’s father, Gino, passed away and so did Claude, Claudette’s weird brother.

Eva is growing beautifully.


And so is Emery. He’s engaged to his high school sweetheart Marion Staples.


Denise tries to train her mother but she has no patience because Claudette is now so old.


Many people showed up on Emery and Marion’s wedding. They moved in Laide Affaire’s [first generation] old house since it was up on the market. The day after the wedding Claudette passed away.


Eva dreams of having a man to herself one day. She started consuming even more food since she feels so lonely.


She met Carey Crowell and found him to be very charming.


While on a picnic with Carey she bumped into her great uncle Sylvester and his daughter Liza. He’s married to Wendy.


Marion is pregnant and Denise pretends to be excited that she’s going to be a grandmother.


On her way home she angrily kicked their garbage can.


When she came home she got her anger out on Eva as she usually did.


And as usual Eva turned to food to make herself feel better.


She started packing on pounds.


Daniel and Deborah threw a bathing suit party and Eva went.


Denise also went to the party but she was embarrassed by Eva’s weight and ordered her to go home.


Eva dated Carey a few times more, he didn’t care that she was overweight.


Emery and Marion had a son they named Bradford.


Eva found out where Carey lived and decided to make him a surprise and bring him a nice diner, but when she got to his house, a teenager greeted her as Carey’s son. He hadn’t told her he had a son.


Eva was telling his son, Coby, that she was Carey’s girlfriend when Carey got home. It got very awkward when Coby got upset.


Eva had assumed Carey wasn’t with the mother anymore since he was dating her, but Coby said his father was still married and living with his mother.


Carey explained that he and his wife were living together but they were separated and he wanted Eva to move in with him.


When his wife, Corinna found out about Eva she was devastated because it hadn’t been true that they had been separated.


Eva wasn’t going to move in with him, but when she found out she was pregnant she moved in. They threw a party to celebrate her pregnancy and Coby’s birthday. Eva was glad to show her mother that she had a man that loved her.


Eva spent her evenings with Carey and his son, while Corinna was often upstairs not wanting to be around Eva.


Eva was cleaning outside and when she came in she caught Carey flirting with Corinna.


She was furious at him while Corinna smirked and asked her what she expected from a man like him.


Eva decided to stay there until she’d have the baby then she’d find a place. In the meantime she noticed Corinna spent time with the rest of them now.


After she had her little girl, Florence, Coby confessed that he was in love with her. Carey overheard and although he looked upset he didn’t say a word. He was just shocked. Eva was glad that he looked hurt.


Life was turning out to be weird. She was now dating Coby, who was her daughter’s brother.