Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sade’s Legacy Part 09 Emma


Alec started dropping by more often to spend time with their son Alexander. He actually apologized to Emma for having not been there for her. He told her he had finally matured and was ready for a family.


They even start dating again.


He hung around more often at her house. They were getting along fine and Alexander was happy to have his father around. Emma decided to cut her hair again.


Alexander is still best friends with Latasha, Benito’s daughter. They spend time together most days after school and on weekends.


She even helps him with his homework.


Soon Emma is pregnant and she fears Alec will leave her again.


But Alec proves that he did change and takes care of her lovingly.


Alec is already a senior, he was much older than I had thought.


She gave birth to a daughter whom they named Willow.


On Alexander’s birthday party Latasha brought her mother, Antoinette, whom Emma doesn’t get along with since that whole Benito fiasco. But she manages to keep a distance from her and still be nice to Latasha.


Alexander is now a teenager. That’s the hair he got but I’m sure I will change it.


Benito has also came to the Party and Emma dance with him a while since she’d remained friends with him.


Antoinette cut in quickly and started dancing with Benito. Emma found it immature since she had no interest with Benito and Antoinette was still jealous.


That evening when Alexander went to his room after everyone was gone, he found Latasha waiting for him.


Their friendship was getting more intimate, they admitted to each other of having romantic feelings towards one another.


Alexander is pretty sexy with his hair cut this way.


Alexander and Latasha meet each other at the pool after school.


He went at Latasha’s house one day. He was surprised at all the people that was in that house. He had no idea who lived there and who they were.


They were all watching Dr Phil but Alexander doesn’t like Television so he just observed while Latasha played with her little brother Erwin.


Antoinette was loud and didn’t get along with many. It’s no wonder Benito is not living with her.


In all the confusion and noise Latasha still remained sweet and patient, it made him love her even more.



  1. Hi Donna love your blog read them all for now sad that Sade's gone she was the first but she had to go sometime. are you making anymore and if so try to fit latsha alexander etc all in at the same time best to keep them all than make your fans upset :)

  2. Thanks for your interest, Daniel. I haven't playing in a few months because the computer that can play The Sims 3 broke down. When it's fixed I'm sure I will play them again. :)