Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sade’s Legacy – Part 01

I have played The Sims 2 for a few years and bought the Sims 3 when it came out last year, however, my laptop can’t handle the game so I shoved it on a shelf. Recently I started playing it on my husband’s computer and I started falling in love with the game. I don’t want to download any Custom Contents before I am familiar with how they all look and how it plays, etc. So to me this is all new. I want to keep a journal of it for myself so it may be boring to anyone else.

Sade Coors – Young Adult. Brave, Flirty, Great Kisser, Vegetarian, Friendly. Pisces. LTW To have 50,000 Simoleons in Household Funds.


She loves to cook and wants to learn more on how to satisfy people’s taste buds.


She’s got a lot to learn. While cooking something new the stove caught fire! She called the firefighters and extinguished the fire while waiting, but she still had to replace the stove which was over $400.


While out on the town she met Don Lothario. She thought he was sweet and charming.


They hung out and dated a few times. They seemed to click at times.


She couldn’t afford a burglar alarm and a burglar came in and stole her sofa.


It was fun while it lasted but they weren’t getting along all of a sudden Don was being difficult.


She was trying to find a suitable boyfriend but each one she was meeting was already married… and those who weren’t were teenagers.


She spent some time at the gym but never met anyone suitable there.


Then she met Jon Lessen. They hit it off right away. She new he was a bit older, but to her age didn’t matter. Not when they were so compatible to each other.


A few dates later he showed up for a date and he was already a senior. He was much older than Sade had thought. But she was already so in love with her.


She was still a young adult but she knew they could make it work.


For her birthday, Sade threw a birthday party.


All the kitchen chairs were in use so this guest went to sit on the toilet to eat his slice of pizza.


She had invited Don Lothario but then regretted it when he went to her and slapped her. He hadn’t wanted her, but now that she was dating Jon he was jealous. He early because he was angry at her.


Otherwise the birthday party went great.


Sade and Jon did some dirty dancing. He seems to like how she’s “grown”.


She finally talked him into spending the night.


She proposed marriage to him. He kept saying he was much too old for her, but she wouldn’t hear that kind of nonsense. It was him she loved and no one else.


Sade invites her boss over once in a while. She really likes Yvette Grisby. She’s sweet and cute with her big ears.


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