Monday, October 10, 2011

Ugly Genes / Seven Deadly Sins: Part 08


Claudette started dating another older man named Gino.


When she became pregnant they got married.


Gino shared the house with two roommates, Owen Chen and Shannon Lobos.


Denise loved living in their new house and they loved to play with her. Dexter and Donald had stayed in the Condo.


But all didn’t remain well after Gino started accusing her of cheating on him. (I honestly don’t know why they accuse her of cheating, she never did.)


When she went to visit her mother and told her about being accused of cheating again, her mother started yelling at her to try to settle down because she was already on her 3rd husband.


She gave birth to another girl, Deborah. She later learned that while she was giving birth, her mother Bernadette passed away.


Then roommate Shannon Lobos passed away.


When Claudette went to see how her brother Claude was doing since he now lived alone, he asked her to move in with him, but she refused. Although her marriage was on the rocks, she wouldn’t leave the house. She knew it was worth a lot of money.


She’d have to think of something quick because Gino filed for divorce and she wasn’t going to get anything since he said the reason was because of her cheating.


Then she got the idea of coming on to his roommate Owen.


It was so easy to seduce Owen. He was already in a relationship but he wasn’t happy with Christian.


Soon they got married. Gino was mad at both of them.


All her family showed up and a few friends. Everyone had a good time except for Gino who stayed up in his room and Denise was sad and confused that her mother was marrying another man.


Denise is now a teenager. She’s the prettiest one of the ugly genes so far, but she still has her great grandmother, Laide’s body – The small shoulders and wide hips.


Deborah is also pretty. So far she’s a loner, grumpy and unlucky.


Claudette became pregnant with Owen’s baby.


Berthe is the only one of Claudette’s aunts who’s still alive. Her uncle Antoine passed away not long ago.


Gino is not as angry. He joins the family when they have company over. He makes an effort for his daughter Deborah.


Claudette had a boy she named Daniel - Absent-minded and Friendly. Owen is angry at her because she cheated, but again it’s not true. He soon divorced her after she had their son but she stayed with them at the house because he and Gino didn’t want to loose the kids.


Daniel is growing and he’s so cute.


Although they are divorced, Claudette and Owen are still amorous with each other. She has no need to murder anymore since she’s rich now.


Claudette is getting older. After 5 husbands and 5 kids she’s content living with Gino and Owen and her 3 youngest kids.


She had her dead husbands buried with their dead x wives and she still goes to visit at times. She knows if she hadn’t done what she did she’d still be stuck with her first husband, Bob Newbie’s little house.


She visits her aunt Berthe at times, she’s still alive and living with her nephew Sylvester.


Her last husband, Owen Chen, passed away in his 70’s.


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