Monday, January 3, 2011

Sade’s Legacy Part 11 Emma


Latasha announced that she was pregnant. Alexander would love to marry her but the option never comes up in the menu.


Latasha had a girl she named Brandy Broussard.


Although Emma looks good for her age, mentally she hasn’t been herself since Alec passed away.


But she still finds some pleasure in her paintings.


For some reason Willow finds it hard to make friends.


Alexander trains Latasha on the treadmill since she likes to stay thin and wanted to loose the extra pounds she put on when pregnant.


Alexander goes at Latasha’s house to see her and Brandy, but he really doesn’t like going at that house. There’s always too many people around.


No matter how much attention he gives to Brandy she still constantly cries that she wants more.


Latasha got pregnant again. Alexander didn’t mind he just wished she’d want to marry him.


Alexander spent the night at Latasha’s. He had trouble sleeping because so many people sleep there and Latasha kept dreaming and mumbling something about dragons.


There’s not even any cribs in the house. Brandy is outside alone while everyone sleeps. [Alexander tried to buy one for Brandy but it brought him back to his house when I went to the buy mode and family inventory]


Erwin must have usually slept with Latasha because there was no place for him and he slept outside.


It’s time to give birth. Alexander wants to go but he fears leaving the kids alone even if this is not his house. Usually the house is full and today no one is there.


It’s a girl – named Penny.


Again Alexander tried to convince Latasha to marry him, but no luck. She won’t even move in with him. [It never shows up in the menu no matter how hard he tries]


Penny’s traits are: Virtuoso and Loves the Outdoors. - Sagitarius


Alexander started having a crush on their repair technician, Sharla Shoemaker. He was  having no luck with Latasha and he wasn’t getting any younger so he decided to show his feelings to Sharla.


They’d meet in town and have romantic trysts.


Latasha’s father, Benito, saw him with Sharla, he hoped he wouldn’t be telling Latasha, or maybe Latasha wouldn’t even care.


Brandy is growing. I wasn’t able to pick her trait and she got Inappropriate.


Willow sometimes comes to see Latasha’s brother [I forget his name], Erwin is embarrassed when they kiss in front of him.


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