Monday, October 17, 2011

Ugly Genes / Seven Deadly Sins: Part 11


The situation was certainly getting stranger and more awkward in the house and Carey wasn’t helping the matter by flirting with both Corinna and Eva whenever he had the chance. Both didn’t want anything to do with him anymore. But no one was ready to move out. Eva wanted to find a house but she couldn’t afford one. Coby promised her they’d save money and move out soon.


Meanwhile while Eva did all the cooking, Corinna was good at housecleaning.


Eva visited her brother when she could. Marion was trying to loose weight by exercising, but Eva wasn’t interested and kept gorging on ice cream.


Her brother Emery was an Adult and had let his hair grown.


Her brother’s son, Bradford really liked it whenever Eva came to visit and he was excited that Eva was pregnant again.


And although the living arrangement was strange, Carey loved his daughter and Corinna also held no grudge to the child and helped care for her whenever she could.


Coby brought Eva out to the Lounge and popped the question.


Florence has the same shape from the first generation. All females end up with this weird shape.


Eva and Coby were having their wedding day when Eva started her contractions.


She had a boy they named Francis then they got married. Eva’s uncle Donald passed away the next day of the wedding. He’s on the right in this picture.


Francis is a cute and fun child.


Carey is getting older and he misses having a woman in his life.


Carey started seeing Jill Grubb. He knew she was married, but it didn’t stop them from being romantically involved on the side.


Eva is pregnant again.


Francis seems to have Annette’s eyes from the first generation.


Eva is still constantly eating and when she’s pregnant she eats even more.


Eva’s mother, Denise came to visit, but she hasn’t changed. She still doesn’t like kids and criticizes Eva for being pregnant again.


Eva has another son she named Fred. Corinna loves being a grandmother.


Coby works as a cop. The brothers, Francis and Fred are getting along beautifully with the loving guidance of their grandmother Corinna.


When Eva got pregnant again for the 4th time, Carey and Corinna moved out. The house was getting too cramped.


Francis is growing and he loves dressing in girly clothes.


Coby was doing his rounds in Town when he found out the woman that his father was having an affair with had a child, Mason. She was still living with her husband, but the kid was Carey’s child, which was Coby’s brother.


Eva had another son she named Frank.


Florence is watching her own weight and refuses to eat the hamburgers her mother constantly makes.


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