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Ugly Genes / Seven Deadly Sins: Part 09


Generation 3: Wrath

  • Your temper is very short, and you flip out at anything, from fires to a dirty dish!
    Your first 5 relationships must be broken up. Why? Because you were too mad for them.
    You can break up future relationships, but when you find "The One", they're definitely the one you have to stay with until death!
    You can rarely hold your children because of your bad temper.
    You must reach level 10 of the Athletic skill (if you don't own World Adventures) and/or SimFu (if you do own World Adventures)


After her mother gave her permission to start dating, Denise started seeing Trey Clements.


Then she started seeing Darrel Grimm.


But just like her relationship with Trey, they split up after she’d blow up and start screaming at him for the slightest thing.


Then it was Henry Hart. It ended the same way.


Claudette saw Skip Broke in Town and she flirted with him but he stopped her. Skip Broke would be her cousin since he’s her father’s nephew. {I didn’t make her flirt with him, she did on her own.}


Daniel and Deborah are growing beautifully.


Daniel as a teenager.


Denise is now a Young adult and she decided to try to find a lasting relationship.


She dated Jaron Hart for a while, but it didn’t last. He couldn’t cope with her moodiness.


Then the same thing with Rafael Thornton.


She dated some Pizza delivery guy but he turned out to be worse than she was.


Then finally she met Bert Lemon. He was so patient with her she knew she had to keep this one.


Her step father Gino tried to give her advice and told her she should marry Bert. He told her once she’d be married she’d feel secure and her anger would disappear. He explained that he believed she was angry all the time because of what she went through with her mother marrying so many men.


They got married surrounded by family and friends.


Denise and Bert moved to their own house next door to her mother’s. [The bigger house on the top left is Claudette’s house, the next one is Denise, the bottom left is Berthe, Claudette’s aunt, and the bottom right is Claude, Claudette’s brother.]


Denise often goes to visit her uncle Claude although he gives her the creeps at times.


Denise met with her family when she heard about her great aunt Berthe passing away.


She gave birth to a son they named Emery. trait – Heavy Sleeper and Brave. She didn’t like to take care of the baby, but Bert took over whenever he was home from work.


Emery turned out to have green eyes and blonde hair although his parent’s eyes are green and brown.


Denise having traits like: hot-headed, athletic, mean spirited, no sense of humour and dislikes children, she was really difficult to live with.


It was a good thing that Bert had so much patience with Denise and he loved their son so much.


Bert was fixing the stove when he got electrocuted and died instantly! {This is the first time it’s happened to me: having someone die so quickly when being electrocuted.}


Now Denise was a widow with a child she hated spending time with and she found out she was pregnant the day after Bert died.


Emery was a good kid but Denise would often scold him just for being around. After she gave birth to a baby Eva, she was even more moodier.


Baby Eva ended up with red hair like her grand mother Claudette. Denise hated it. But then again she disliked everything about kids. She’d often call a babysitter to take care of them even when she was home.


Eva is often left on her own with food. She finds it comforting.


She went to a party and met one of her x boyfriend, Trey Clements. He started telling her she was disgraced publicly for having a child out of wedlock. She was furious. She hadn’t had a child out of wedlock – she was a widow and Bert was the father!


As soon as Eva would come home from school Denise would start yelling at her and Emery.


She was constantly at people telling them to exercise. She thought her mother was getting fat and she’d point it out.


Whenever Denise would go out and come home late the kids would call their grandmother to come with them.


Emery is now a teen and very cute.


Although he’s not a child anymore Denise still blows up at him. But then again she blows up with everyone.


Denise brought the kids to visit her brothers, Donald and Dexter. They are both still single and living in the condo their mother left to them. Denise didn’t want Eva in the same room as her, she’d constantly tell her to leave the room. She can’t stand being around her.


Eva often finds comfort in eating while Emery likes to study.


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