Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sade’s Legacy Part 08 Emma


When she threw Alexander a birthday party she invited Alec over and he came.


After the party Benito stayed behind to spend time with them alone.


Emma struggles a lot with Alexander. He shows that he wants attention but when she tries to give some he doesn’t stop.


Alexander is often cranky because Emma is not spending enough time with him. She’s struggling with her job and keeping ends meet.


When Alexander is content and playing she takes her free time to continue her painting so she can make extra money.


Benito sometimes spends the night and helps with Alexander.


Again she invited Alexander’s father to his next birthday.


Since Emma didn’t teach him anything while he was a toddler, she didn’t get to pick his next trait. He’s a technophobe.


Alec thanked her for inviting him to their son’s birthday party and told her he wanted to keep in touch and be in his son’s life.


Emma’s best friend Marquis made it to the party and surprisingly he’s now a senior! [I’m wondering if he’s Ricky’s father and not his big brother like I thought.]


Emma asked Benito to move in with her and he happily agreed. She figured since she was having trouble paying the bills and they had been dating for a while anyway.


Once Benito was moved in she found out all his traits: Vegetarian, Loser, Slob, Grumpy, Frugal. She wasn’t happy to find that out. She was also surprised to learn that Marquis is not only Ricky’s father, but Benito as well. They don’t even have the last same name and they all lived together, so it’s confusing. His LTW is to see the ghost of his wealthy spouse. [Seriously, Benito, your face will stay that way.]


She refused to let him sleep with her and sent him in the guest house.


Benito’s ex girlfriend came by the house with their daughter. Benito even has a daughter that Emma didn’t know about. Antoinette immediately starts insulting Emma.


Benito tells Antoinette that Emma broke off with him but Antoinette is mad that he had moved in with Emma behind her back.


Emma watched as Antoinette gave Benito hell for having had dated Emma. Emma assures her she had no idea about her and their daughter, but Antoinette is so mad she doesn’t listen.


Meanwhile Alexander gets to know Latasha and plays with her.


Later that night she explains to Alexander that Benito had to leave and won’t be staying with them after all. She also makes a note to get him new swimming trunks so that it doesn't look like underwear.


Alexander is a good boy and is doing great at school.


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