Monday, November 29, 2010

Sade’s Legacy – Part 03


It’s the big day – Sade went in contractions.


Bringing their baby girl Emma home for the first time. Emma’s first 2 traits are Artistic and Friendly, she’s an Aquarius.


They want Emma close to them so they put her crib in their bedroom.


On his days off Jon sometimes goes to the parks and perform.


Emma has her mother’s flaming orange hair and her father’s light blue eyes.


Jon is over 80 years old and now when he goes to the parks he ends up taking naps on the benches instead of performing.


Jon knows he won’t be seeing Emma grow up so he teaches her all that he can while he can.


Sade brought the ghost of Destry back so that they could interact with him. This was done because I had no idea what it did. I thought it was an opportunity for money. Now I don’t know how to get him back as a normal ghost.


A babysitter for Emma for when they work at the same time. I have to make sure I don’t forget to call one up before they both leave because there seems to be no schedule.


Jon Lessen was 86 when he passed away.


For some reason Death hung around the house for a while.


Sade had been at work when Jon passed away. She was devastated when she came home and found that he was gone. Forever.


Now that Sade is alone she needed a little help so she hired a maid.


Sade had a promotion and she’s now an Executive Chef.


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