Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My Vampire Challenge Part 03


The man at the door had been Luke McDermott and Donna didn’t let him leave her property once he was in. She attacked him and drank from him then lured him into the hostage room.


Once Matty was completely turned and ready, they moved him out next door to an empty house Vlad fixed up for the purpose. Meanwhile Don Lothario still had much to learn.


When they were not busy teaching their fledgling, they spent time learning themselves and teaching their son Ricky.


Since they also needed females, they added Roxie Lin to their flock of fledglings. She’s a very flirty person and started to seduce Luke right away. Luke responded even though he’s a married man with 2 sons.


Don Lothario is now ready to join the undead.


The brown house next door is where the new vampires move in.


Matty and Don are free to roam Riverview at nights and protect their owns.


Luke McDermott’s oldest son Maximus was lured to their home, but being only a teenager, Vladimir didn’t want to turn him yet, so he decided to take him under his wings until he was old enough to turn.


Another victim is added; Fatima Simovitch.


They sell their victim’s belongings including their vehicles, but they kept Fatima’s nice sports car.


Roxie is proving to be difficult and sleeps around with Luke, but Vladimir wants to keep her around and test her as a vampire.


Luke McDermott is ready to leave and join the others next door.


Ricky is growing nicely and they all like to learn together.


They added another extension to the house so that Maximus and Ricky can have their own bedrooms and more space.


They added their next victim.