Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ugly Genes / Seven Deadly Sins: Part 07


Well, it wasn’t long before Claudette was out again to try to catch another man that she could get money out of. She started dating Travis McDermott.


On her wedding day she invited her family and friends and they all showed up.


When it came time to get married, Travis accused her of cheating on him. He started insulting her in front of everybody. (She never cheated) She tried to convince him that she hadn’t, but he wouldn’t listen.


As if that wasn’t bad enough, Annette’s boyfriend, Riley McCann passed away.


Claudette was humiliated and devastated and cried on her aunt Adele’s shoulder.


Her aunt Annette came by to see Claudette after the cancelled wedding and her boyfriend Riley’s death.


But Claudette was too upset and wrapped up in her own problem to give any condolences to her grieving aunt. She tried to find out who had started those false rumours about her cheating.


She managed to dispel the rumours and have Travis marry her.


Dexter’s a teenager already.


Donald is also growing. Both have their mother’s eyes.


Claudette hated the house she inherited because the rooms were all so small so she sold it and bought a condo on the top floor.


She brought her sister in law/step daughter Joline to come live with them. She liked having Joline around to look after the kids when she needed to go out and Joline had no other place to stay.


Her aunt’s son, Sylvester, looks exactly like his mother.


Claudette decided to invest some of her money in a fast food restaurant.


Travis started accusing Claudette of cheating again. She really wasn’t cheating, although she had been tempted to find herself another man since Travis didn’t have much money.


Ironically, he refused to sleep in the same bed as Claudette anymore and slept with Joline instead.


After their baby girl, Denise, was born, she came home from showing the baby to her family when Travis attacked her with cheating accusations again.


This time he even started slapping her around.


She pushed him out of the window of their condo from the top floor.


That’s how she got rid of her 3rd husband.


A few days later Joline passed away of natural causes. Then she received a call that both her twin aunts Adele and Annette had also passed away only a day apart of each other.


Denise is already a toddler. This little one seems to be the cutest of the ugly genes so far.


Donald is also now a teenager.


Dexter is now an adult.


Ugly Genes / 7 Deadly Sins Challenge Mix: Part 06


Claudette and Robert turned to each other for comfort as they grieved Bob’s passing.


Soon their comforting turned into passion.


They ended up sleeping together which Robert later regretted. He felt guilt ridden because she was his late son’s widow. Claudette on the other hand was just angry that Bob hadn’t even owned the house and now she could be out on the street unless she made Robert fall in love with her and married her.


Her plan worked after she told him that she was pregnant by their one night of lovemaking. Robert offered to marry her to make it right.


His daughter Joline was devastated by how things had turned out. Her 80 something year old father married to his former daughter in law.


After they were married Robert even had a hard time sleeping in the same bed with his new wife. He felt horrible on how things had turned out.


Claudette went to visit her mother with Dexter as soon as she found out her father had passed away.


She tried to console her mother.


Claudette gave birth to a second son, Donald. [Grumpy, Couch Potato] An uncle and brother to her older son Dexter.


Her marriage to Robert wasn’t going better. She was tired of hearing him whine about his guilt for marrying his late son’s wife.


Robert was 90 years old when he started getting sick.


Soon after he fell to his death.


Claudette felt relieved that the poison she gave him worked like a charm. Now she finally owned the house.


Claudette made it a point to visit family as often as she could. Her aunts and uncle all seemed to be doing well. Everyone loved having Annette’s son, Sylvester, around.


She brought the kids to also see her mother and brother, but her brother Claude was so strange he freaked Dexter out.


Donald is growing.


Sometimes she still felt her first husband Bob in bed with her and it made her feel guilty for what she did just so she could inherit the house.


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ugly Genes / 7 Deadly Sins Challenge Mix: Part 05


I often get bored after a few generations so I decided to mix in another Challenge into this one to make it more interesting to myself. So starting from this generation I decided to continue “Dilute the Ugly Genes” by also doing the Seven Deadly Sins” Challenge.

First Deadly Sin: Greed
Your sim must marry rich and older. If the spouse is a woman, you must have her be able to bear children.
Your sim should bear a child and murder Spouse #1.
Repeat the above steps as many times as you like, but up to 10 times more. (MAX: 11 times)
You may have a servant (additional sim in the house) to care for the children.
Your sim must reach level 10 of either the business or political career.

So Claudette, being the 3rd Generation of Dilute the Ugly Gene, will be doing the First deadly sin, Greed.


Although Claudette is still a teenager, she’s loosing no time in trying to find a husband. She introduced herself to Bob Newbie and worked on trying to get to know him more. When she found out he was rich, she wanted him, but since she was so young he refused to date her.


Finally when she grew up, he invited her to his place.


She was really impressed with the house he had and all the nice stuff.


But then she learned that he also shared the house with his sister Joline…


… and his father Robert who was well over his 80’s.


She brought Bob to meet her family. His father liked Bob although he didn’t approve of their age difference. Bob was even older than him.


Claudette threw a pool party in Town after she and Bob got engaged. Most went skinny dipping.


She was so happy on her wedding day. He even gave her expensive jewellery.


Bob’s father, Robert, let them move into his master bedroom while he went to share a bedroom with Joline.


Claudette got pregnant right away.


She went to visit her grandmother Laide who was still grieving since her husband Buck had just passed away. While there Claudette met her cousin Sylvester for the first time. Annette had him with Daniel Wang.


A few days later Adele came to tell the bad news that Laide had also passed away.


After giving birth to her son Dexter, Claudette started working out to loose the baby fat.


Dexter seems to have the ugly eye genes. His traits: Clumsy and Excitable.


Claudette brought her son to play with Annette’s son, Sylvester. Annette still loved to paint. Her specialty was painting noses.


Little Sylvester has his mother’s nose for sure.


Bernadette is now a Senior and for some reason sleeps in Claudette’s old room instead of with her husband.


Bob Newbie died all of a sudden. His father Robert was devastated, he’d always thought he’d go before his own son.


The Challenge says to murder him but he died of old age before she had a chance to.