Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Asylum Mentally Healed Part 03


Cerenia managed to reach “Orchestra Lead” Level 8 in her music career by the time she left the Asylum. Using the “Mid Life Crisis” with her lifetime points, she changed some of her traits. She’s still a Great Kisser, Charismatic, but instead of Absent Minded, Hates the Outdoors, and Insane, she’s now Ambitious, Virtuoso, and Good.


Cerenia goes to visit them. Everyone else were able to change insane with something else.

Audrey: Artistic. Tom: Athletic. Teesha: Friendly.


Eddy: Charismatic. Barb: Handy. Carmine: Schmoozer. Candice: Good sense of humour.


Cerenia began dating a man she met at work. Abe treats her like a princess and she couldn’t be happier.


While I was making him in CAS I thought he was gorgeous, but in the game I find his eyes are freakish.


Things I learned while playing this challenge:

When entering Boolprop debug mode, don’t type boolprop. Just type: testingCheatsEnabled true

I used it in order to reset the family funds to 100 dollars when starting the challenge. I had trouble because Cerenia’s last name has a space in it so it wouldn’t work.

You can change your name and last name at the Town Hall in the daytime.

Asylum Challenge Part 02


Cerenia quickly kissed Eddy. For some reason she wanted to kiss him. He didn’t seem to mind.


He was friendly and then all of a suddenly he started to accuse her of being insane. He does that every once in a while.


Eddy loves to spend time painting.


Teesha didn’t have time to reach the couch to take a nap before she fell asleep on the floor.


They all spend a lot of time talking to themselves.


The place is rarely dirty since they often pitch in to clean without being told.


Cerenia is working in the music career and they all love it when she practices the guitar.


Teesha working out on the treadmill is paying off. She has lost some weight.


Since Cerenia only is allowed to go to the grocery store, bookstore, and at work, she quickly runs out to introduce herself as she left the grocery store. She needs 20 friends and she doesn’t know enough people.


Carmine caught the stove on fire while cooking. Luckily Cerenia wasn’t at work and was able to extinguish it.


Some were having their birthdays so Cerenia threw a party and invited her boss and some coworkers.


For some reason when Audrey turned into an adult, her hair hung on her torso. I had to use “reset sim” to fix it.


Cerenia spends a lot of time calling people on the phone in order to become their friends.


Tom has lost a LOT of weight on the treadmill.


So far things are going great and Cerenia is happy.


Teesha is minding her own business relaxing when Carmine, after peeing in his pants, starts giving Teesha a hard time.


It was stressful at times but Cerenia managed to reach her Lifetime Wish – Making 20 friends.


Time to say goodbye to everyone.


When she moved out she ran out. She couldn’t wait to finally start her life on her own away from all their insanity.


She has 2 thousand dollars left, but she was given a house to live in as a thank you for the great job she did at the asylum.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Asylum Challenge – Part 01


I decided to try the Asylum Challenge in The Sims 2 following these rules [That site loads slow for me]. Following the rules here is my Asylum.


The inside of the Asylum. It didn’t say anywhere to buy the cheapest furniture, only with the stove and TV/Computer.


I placed the stove away from anything in case a fire broke so that it wouldn’t spread as easily.


They are arriving at the Asylum.


Cerenia Craig : Absent Minded, Insane, Hates the Outdoors, Great Kisser, Charismatic. LTW: Have 20 friends.

I Misunderstood the rules on her traits, it said to choose Looser and Insane, and instead I used the same rules for her as the others for her traits.


Candice – Absent-Minded, Hates the Outdoors, Insane, Flirty, Easily Impressed.


Eddy - Absent-Minded, Hates the Outdoors, Insane, Schmoozer, easily impressed.


Tom - Absent-Minded, Hates the Outdoors, Insane, Inappropriate, Mooch.


Teesha - Absent-Minded, Hates the Outdoors, Insane, Good Sense of Humour,


Carmine - Absent-Minded, Hates the Outdoors, Insane, Workaholic, Kleptomaniac


Barb - Absent-Minded, Hates the Outdoors, Insane, No Sense of Humour, Hot-Headed


Audrey - Absent-Minded, Hates the Outdoors, Insane, Loner, Neat


Barb often plays the guitar which seems to put everyone else in a trance each time.


Teesha often works out. She’s working out in her baiting suit.


So does Tom.


Audrey works out often too although she doesn’t need it. She’s working out in her formal dress.


Being absent-minded, Teesha forgot that she was cooking and went to start cooking something else. Good thing Cerenia wasn’t at work and was able to continue the cooking to avoid a fire.


Some like to dress up while watching tv, Teesha prefers her baiting suit.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

White Rose Part 03


Pregnant and feeling more tired than before, she falls asleep at the park. Someone started complaining that he wanted her seat.


She hadn’t seen Lucille in a while but when she dropped by her house she realized Lucille was still angry at her for being pregnant.


She feels more alone than ever and has no one whom she can ask advice.


She stops by to see Billy, the baby’s father, but when she lays down to sleep in his bed he tells her to leave!


How humiliating to be thrown out in the middle of the night barefoot and pregnant.


She does the only thing she knows to do, she walks around and looks for seeds so she can feed herself.


Finally she gave birth to a healthy boy she named Ashlar.


Since the ground is warm she lays him down while she tends her fruits and vegetables.


She brings the baby with her in the park where she freshens up a little.


She brings the baby to see Lucille hoping Lucille will be nicer after seeing him. But she’s as mean as before if not meaner.


She catches butterflies and bugs and sells them to a scientist.


She still finds time to fish to use it as fertilizers.


She doesn’t have much time to even think of herself anymore…