Tuesday, January 11, 2011

White Rose Part 02


She met Billy Caspian and they seemed to hit it off right away. He was the first person in her life that was this friendly to her.


She even went to his house. He had a nice little house where he lived alone.


But she was extremely tired and when she fell asleep outside on his deck he didn’t tell her it was inappropriate.


In the morning he cooked breakfast but he didn’t offer her any and she didn’t dare ask for any although she was starving.


But after she ate the few apples she had in her pocket she felt better and although she stank terribly he didn't seem to mind as they danced together.


Later on they even kissed intimately. She had never been kissed before.


Much later she was starving again and she was out of apples so she took a plate of the waffles that was left on the counter. Billy was irritated that she was eating his food.


She wanted to do something nice for him so when she went to the bathroom she started cleaning his toilet but he walked her and told her to stop.


She didn’t mean to but she was so exhausted that she fell asleep outside on his deck again.


She woke up early and went inside but he was still sleeping. She saw some books and started reading then lost track of the time as she got absorbed in the book.


When she realized he was up she got up immediately afraid that he would be mad at her for reading in his house, but he was in a nice mood.


He even invited her upstairs and cuddled with her. She felt she was suddenly in Heaven. She had only read about this in books.


She had never laid in such a comfortable bed before, but as soon as she fell asleep he woke her up and told her it was time to leave.


She went back to her little part of the world where she sneaked some harvest and worked to tend what she had planted.


She started worrying when she started getting sick every morning.


She decided to go see Lucille. She told her how sick she had been and that she wanted to know where to get some medicine to feel better.


Lucille took her temperature and checked her for a while then let her rest for a while.


Then she woke Emaleth up angrily. She told Emaleth that she was pregnant and she clearly wasn’t happy about this. She told her she couldn’t take care of herself and wouldn’t be able to care for a child. She told her that she was a disgrace. Lucille’s sister stood by listening and said nothing.


Emaleth was scared but all she could think about at the moment was getting away from Lucille Spenster’s cruel words.


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