Tuesday, January 11, 2011

White Rose Part 01

[While the computer is being fixed I have to play on my old laptop so the graphics are bad and I have to play with all the settings on low. So I decided to try a homeless challenge in the meantime.]

Emaleth Rose was born Albino by a single mother who had always neglected and mentally abused her. She would blame Emaleth for anything that went wrong in their lives, telling her that people were afraid of her because she was a child with white hair, pale skin, and pink eyes. Growing up Emaleth felt ugly and very maladroit. When she was 12 her mother left her at a Church, telling the nuns that the child was of the devil and that she didn’t want her anymore. The nuns took care of her but it was clear that the nuns were also afraid of her and seemed to believe she was of the devil. They gave her a small room in the basement but never let her out. They would bring her food and books but never spent time with her other than to pray every night asking God to free her of the devil. She endured it for 3 years then she finally escaped and ran away. Ever since then she’s been homeless.

Emaleth Rose: Gemini: Loves The Outdoors, Unlucky, Loser, Frugal, and Green Thumb.


To eat she harvests apples and vegetables in town.


She uses public bathrooms but there are never any baths.


She usually doesn’t have trouble finding an empty bench where she can rest for a few hours.


After finding a few seeds laying around in town, she decided to try her hand on growing something herself. She found a spot where no one usually went and planted them there.


She often walks around town but she feels invisible. No matter how many people is around, nobody ever looks at her.


She just walks around alone and picks up anything she finds. Most of what she finds isn’t worth anything, but if she’s lucky she’ll find seeds that she can plant.


She found a few stones and decided to save them although she had no idea if they worth anything.


Emaleth had an opportunity from Lucille Spenster to harvest her some vegetables. She did and delivered them to her. Lucille gave her a few dollars for her trouble.


Lucille had such a nice house, Emaleth felt she was in a dream. She was so exhausted she decided to rest on the sofa.


But she didn’t sleep long because Lucille got upset and told her it was inappropriate. She didn’t understand why sleeping was so inappropriate.


She ended up sleeping at the park.


She tries to find energy to learn to fish, although she doesn't cook it because she doesn’t have a BBQ, so she uses it as a fertilizer.


She constantly stank and never had a good night’s sleep.


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