Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ugly Genes / 7 Deadly Sins Challenge Mix: Part 06


Claudette and Robert turned to each other for comfort as they grieved Bob’s passing.


Soon their comforting turned into passion.


They ended up sleeping together which Robert later regretted. He felt guilt ridden because she was his late son’s widow. Claudette on the other hand was just angry that Bob hadn’t even owned the house and now she could be out on the street unless she made Robert fall in love with her and married her.


Her plan worked after she told him that she was pregnant by their one night of lovemaking. Robert offered to marry her to make it right.


His daughter Joline was devastated by how things had turned out. Her 80 something year old father married to his former daughter in law.


After they were married Robert even had a hard time sleeping in the same bed with his new wife. He felt horrible on how things had turned out.


Claudette went to visit her mother with Dexter as soon as she found out her father had passed away.


She tried to console her mother.


Claudette gave birth to a second son, Donald. [Grumpy, Couch Potato] An uncle and brother to her older son Dexter.


Her marriage to Robert wasn’t going better. She was tired of hearing him whine about his guilt for marrying his late son’s wife.


Robert was 90 years old when he started getting sick.


Soon after he fell to his death.


Claudette felt relieved that the poison she gave him worked like a charm. Now she finally owned the house.


Claudette made it a point to visit family as often as she could. Her aunts and uncle all seemed to be doing well. Everyone loved having Annette’s son, Sylvester, around.


She brought the kids to also see her mother and brother, but her brother Claude was so strange he freaked Dexter out.


Donald is growing.


Sometimes she still felt her first husband Bob in bed with her and it made her feel guilty for what she did just so she could inherit the house.


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