Monday, September 19, 2011

Ugly Gene – Laide Affaire Part 03


Laide and Buck are more in love than ever. Bernadette spends a lot of time writing on the computer. Annette spends her free time painting, white Adele just sits and watches TV. Antoine loves to read every book he can lay a hand on. Berthe, who is not see in the shot was probably busy talking to herself in a corner.


Bernadette is now a teenager. Her Neurotic and Neat trait makes her spend a lot of time washing her hands constantly and cleaning the house.


For twins, Bernadette and Berthe, they look nothing alike except for the eyes.


Bernadette still spends a lot of time writing. She got a part time job at the Bookstore where her mother works.


Berthe got a part time job with her father at the Cemetery. Buck got a promotion and is now a Epitaph Writer.


Anette is now a teenager as well and got a job at the Bookstore. She hates going to work because other’s are always making fun at her for whatever reason they can find.


Adele got a job delivering papers.


Antoine is now a teenager as well.


Bernadette often skips school to stay home and clean.


She also likes to spend time with Alexander. He used to babysit her when she was a child.


Berthe and Bernadette are now Young Adults. Bernadette wears glasses to take the focus off her crooked eyes.


Antoine works out a lot and has lost a lot of fat already.


Buck is already 46 years old.


Finally Bernadette and Alexander went out on a date.


Alexander comes by often to see Bernadette, but he also leaves often because Bernadette is grumpy and often insults him.


Antoine’s hard works is paying off. He’s lost of a lot of weight and added lot’s of muscles.


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