Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Big Brother Sims 3 Challenge


This is a Big Brother type challenge that I did. I got the idea from Big Brother Challenge Sim Style and The Big Brother Challenge on Modthesims.com

Here is the house that the winner will get at the end of the challenge.


The main/ first floor. The challenges will be held in the living room.


The second floor. I had to add another single bed since no one wanted to share a double bed.


Meet the contestants:

Bradford, Donna, Janie, Saul, Elijah, Molly, Kevlin, and Marisol. All were given random traits and LTW.

Screenshot-104 Screenshot-105 Screenshot-106 Screenshot-107 Screenshot-108 Screenshot-109 Screenshot-110 Screenshot-111

The first Head of the Household is Bradford, chosen because he was the first to show up on the list.


On the first day they were all just getting acquainted with each other and learning the rules. I CAN’T control any of the sims, it’s basically like the “I’m surrounded by idiots” challenge.


Molly started off by making fun of Kelvin.


But later Molly was sharing secrets with him and mocking the others.


Some are playing it right and trying to be friendly with the HOH: Head of the Household.


The living room was cleared of the furniture and painting easels were adding for the first challenge.


Molly was the first to start painting with a self portrait.


Saul also gave it a shot.


No one else wanted to paint, they just sat around listening to ghost stories.


Molly won the art painting challenge with her self portrait and is now safe from elimination, and is now the new Head of the Household.


The 2 least friendly with Bradley were Saul and Elijah. The group voted Saul out since he had the least friendliest points amongst the rest.


The following challenge is logic by playing Chess.


Molly and Marisol are the only two that are even trying.


Suddenly the flame from the fireplace caught on Molly’s clothes.


Everything was going up in flames. Apparently there was no fire alarms! I know I’m not supposed to control any of the sims but I made one call the fire department since I thought the whole house was going to burn. I probably cheated, but ah well, I wanted to continue with the game.


Even though the firemen arrived, they were not fast enough to save Molly. She died in the fire. :(


They put her ashes on a table next to her self painting and were all given a day with no challenge in order to mourn. Life went on.


There was a house to win and Bradford was bent on winning it. He was made HOH again by default.


Some were starting to suspect that Bradford had started the fire on Molly in order to eliminate her. But then all of a sudden fire caught on Donna.


Again I had one of the sims call the fire department because I forgot to put in a fire alarm. The fire was really out of control fast.


Three of them, Donna, Elijah, and Marisol, caught fire, but luckily no one else died.


Suddenly the fire started again, this time it caught on the fireman but he didn’t move, he just stood there so I had to make one of the sims call the fire department again.


Two fire trucks and I was scared that the whole house would burn with everyone in it.


Luckily everyone was saved. The fireplace was taken out of the house.


AND the fireplace caught fire again from OUTDOORS!! I guess it’s because it was never shut properly? This is the first time this happens to me. It’s insane. Bradford, being the HOH, ran outside and fainted when he saw that it was on fire again.


The firemen were called again. This time they took the fireplace with them {I deleted it} and a fire alarm was finally installed.


Bradford won the logic challenge and was AGAIN made HOH, the 2 on his list were Elijah and Kevlin. Elijah was voted out.


The next challenge is the guitar skill.


Donna won the HOH with her music skills and Janie was the one voted out.


Half have been voted out, and the next challenge is athletic skill. No one wants to try it at all.


I was getting frustrated because no one was trying it, so I changed the equipment and still no one was trying it, so I made them all go on it at the same time.


Bradford was the next one to be voted out.


The following challenge was the music skill again.


Kelvin being the HOH voted Donna out and so did Marisol.


With only Marisol and Kelvin left, they did another logic skill with telescopes. Kelvin won.


But by then they had fallen in love and now share the house together.


In the meantime since I have nraas’ Story Progression on, I went to see what the others were up to. Elijah married Agnes Crumplebottom and lives in a big house.


Janie lives alone in a cute house and is in love with Elijah.


Donna and Bradford are actually married!


Saul is married to Madison and she’s expecting their child.


The End.

I am currently doing a Survival / Survivor type challenge and I am using all the same sims as contestants.