Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ugly Genes / 7 Deadly Sins Challenge Mix: Part 05


I often get bored after a few generations so I decided to mix in another Challenge into this one to make it more interesting to myself. So starting from this generation I decided to continue “Dilute the Ugly Genes” by also doing the Seven Deadly Sins” Challenge.

First Deadly Sin: Greed
Your sim must marry rich and older. If the spouse is a woman, you must have her be able to bear children.
Your sim should bear a child and murder Spouse #1.
Repeat the above steps as many times as you like, but up to 10 times more. (MAX: 11 times)
You may have a servant (additional sim in the house) to care for the children.
Your sim must reach level 10 of either the business or political career.

So Claudette, being the 3rd Generation of Dilute the Ugly Gene, will be doing the First deadly sin, Greed.


Although Claudette is still a teenager, she’s loosing no time in trying to find a husband. She introduced herself to Bob Newbie and worked on trying to get to know him more. When she found out he was rich, she wanted him, but since she was so young he refused to date her.


Finally when she grew up, he invited her to his place.


She was really impressed with the house he had and all the nice stuff.


But then she learned that he also shared the house with his sister Joline…


… and his father Robert who was well over his 80’s.


She brought Bob to meet her family. His father liked Bob although he didn’t approve of their age difference. Bob was even older than him.


Claudette threw a pool party in Town after she and Bob got engaged. Most went skinny dipping.


She was so happy on her wedding day. He even gave her expensive jewellery.


Bob’s father, Robert, let them move into his master bedroom while he went to share a bedroom with Joline.


Claudette got pregnant right away.


She went to visit her grandmother Laide who was still grieving since her husband Buck had just passed away. While there Claudette met her cousin Sylvester for the first time. Annette had him with Daniel Wang.


A few days later Adele came to tell the bad news that Laide had also passed away.


After giving birth to her son Dexter, Claudette started working out to loose the baby fat.


Dexter seems to have the ugly eye genes. His traits: Clumsy and Excitable.


Claudette brought her son to play with Annette’s son, Sylvester. Annette still loved to paint. Her specialty was painting noses.


Little Sylvester has his mother’s nose for sure.


Bernadette is now a Senior and for some reason sleeps in Claudette’s old room instead of with her husband.


Bob Newbie died all of a sudden. His father Robert was devastated, he’d always thought he’d go before his own son.


The Challenge says to murder him but he died of old age before she had a chance to.

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