Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ugly Genes / Seven Deadly Sins: Part 12


Generation 6: Lust:

  • Your sim must have at least 6 lovers and have at least 1 child from each lover in the house.
    Your sim must never be engaged or married... ever... EVER!
    You may only use "Try For Baby". Never plain WooHoo.
    You must be at least friends with all your children because you think, no KNOW, that each child is a precious gift from every affair you've had.
    You must spend at least 2 hours of quality time a week with each child living in the house
    When your kids are older, you encourage them to find romance!

Florence dated Dale Black. She was full of lust and showed it no matter who was around.


She soon got pregnant but she didn’t want to settle down with Dale.


Francis is now a Young Adult and on top of still wearing female clothes, he now also wears makeup.


She had a girl she named Georgette. She told Dale he could see his daughter as often as he wanted to, but she refused to marry him.


Georgette is now a toddler. Francis eats almost as much as their mother Eva.


Florence decided to buy a house of her own with her daughter.


Her brother Francis moved in with her.


Florence dated Orlando Sterling.


Florence went to visit her grandmother Denise, she was as much full of anger as she’d always been.


Denise died on the exact same spot where her husband had died when he got electrocuted while fixing the dishwasher many years ago. A few days earlier, her brother Dexter had also died.


Florence’s brothers, Fred and Frank are growing and still as close as ever. Florence is pregnant with Orlando’s baby.


She went to visit her father Coby. He was still living with Corinna. Florence didn’t know if they were lovers or not, but whatever the situation was, they seemed happy. Unfortunately Corinna died that night. The next day, Jill Grubb, the one he’d later had an affair with and had a son named Mason, also died.


Georgette growing.


Not long after Florence has a baby girl she named Gisele, she started dating Lawrence Lum.


Lawrence was married and his daughter Lucy was in Georgette’s class.


Gisele, Florence and Georgette. Florence is pregnant with Lawrence’s baby.


Florence threw a birthday party for Georgette. Her mother Eva is now older and seems less fat.


The birthday cake caught fire as Georgette was about to blow out the candles.


Georgette is now a teenager. She has the ugly gene body frame, but her face is beautiful.


Florence dropped by Orlando’s house to show her his daughter, but he was angry that she would show up at his place since he’s married. Unlike Dale, he didn’t want anything to do with his daughter.


Florence had a baby boy with Lawrence whom she named George. She’s really packed on the pounds after 3 pregnancies.


She’s now dating Leroy Hopkins.


Leroy is very flirty and he even flirted with Francis.


Florence brought the kids to see her father. He was living alone now that Corinna had passed and he was lonely.


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