Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sade’s Legacy – Emma Part 07


Things weren’t going very well for Emma. She had just lost her mother and now she kept having morning sickness. She couldn’t believe that sleeping with Alec once had gotten her pregnant. She hadn’t even heard from him again after that night.


She needed a friend so she stopped by to see Marquis who tried to console her.


She stayed for a while and learned that Benito was living with Marquis and his brother Ricky.


Marquis was tired but told Emma to stay as long as she wanted. He went to bed in the same bed as Benito! Are they gay or just really close friends?!?


She still didn’t have enough money coming in to pay all the bills so the Repo came again and repossessed a spot light from her father’s stage outside.


She missed her mother terribly and worked hard on paintings so that she could sell them. She didn’t want to loose more of her parent’s things.


She was starting to show when she decided to call Alec and have him meet her at the park. She told him that she was pregnant. He seemed to take the news well.


When she asked him if he wanted to feel her tummy, he started laughing and left. She thought he was crying, but he was actually laughing. Why?? And he just left her there!!


She dropped by to see her best friend Marquis again. Marquis’ brother Ricky was on the floor playing with toys. She’s not sure what his deal is. Is he retarded? He hardly speaks to her so she doesn’t know. She went to school with Ricky, but it was always his older brother Marquis she was the closest to.


Benito is one sexy hunk, especially when he has no shirt on. Later that evening she finally met Marquis’ fiancé.


She stayed for dinner. Marquis had made some macaroni and cheese. They all ate together and had a nice evening.


She was alone at home, except for the maid when her contraptions began.


She gave birth to a healthy baby boy whom she named Alexander. His first two traits: Athletic and Loves the Outdoors.


It was around that time that Benito started dropping by without Marquis nor Ricky and they became close.


She was still having trouble making ends meet and refused to sell anything to pay the bills so again the Repo came and repossessed her big screen TV.



  1. I love reading your blogs. they're so funny

  2. Not sure if you mean that, hehe, but if so, thanks :)