Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Quinns Part 3


Although they don’t have much money to spare, they bought Sleven a Paint easel, which he uses constantly.


Johnny is now an adult. He continues to work really hard at his job as a manager of a rock band.


Johnny works long hours and gets home really late at nights. But when he’s home his youngest son, Kaine, still prefers to get attention from her mother only.


Norah is now also an adult. She’s glad that she’s had her kids at such a young age. She was thinking of having another one but for the moment decided to wait.


Sleven is now a teenager. He looks a bit like “Spike” from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. He is now selling some of his paintings in order to pay for night classes. He also wants to learn to write.


And Kaine is also growing up. His traits so far are: Friendly, Evil, and Couch Potato. I wasn’t able to pick them since he didn’t grow well enough.


I’m not able to upgrade my video card on my laptop and since I can’t afford a new laptop for now, I will play it this way, I suppose. I’m really enjoying Sims 3 now that I installed more Ram. At least I’m not constantly lagging.

I am aware that this isn’t much of a story. It’s more of a journal for My Sims 3 as I play and learn new stuff in it.

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