Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Quinns Part 1


Right after High School, Johnny & Norah decided to get married.

Johnny’s Traits: Good Sense Of Humor, Charismatic, Party Animal, Brave, Handy

Norah’s Traits: Inappropriate, Friendly, Easily Impressed, Mooch, Family-Oriented

Johnny wants to be in a band and constantly practices on his guitar, while Norah is not in any rush to find a job, however can’t wait to have lots of money. Although both are somewhat different in their goals, they got along fairly well.


When Norah approached the subject of starting a family, Johnny freaked out. They had just got married and he wasn’t ready to start a family so soon. They were both so young and still had lots to do before they would be ready to have a child, not to mention financially.


He tried to talk her into getting a job, and she finally agreed. He wasn’t ready to give up his dream of being in a band. He knew he had a talent for music and he didn’t want to let that go. But it would take some time before he would make enough money for them to live comfortably.


They had bought a small two bedroom house with cheap furniture and Norah wasn’t happy with how it looked. Johnny tried to make her understand that she would have all she wanted, but for her to be patient and give him time.


Once he got her to understand that they had to wait, they were able to enjoy each other’s again without the stress. He had always known that she was a bit spoiled, and he loved to spoil her whenever he could. But they were on their own now and couldn’t count on anyone for financial support.


It was a few weeks later when Norah found out that she was pregnant. Although she had promised Johnny that they would wait, she had still stopped taking her contraception. All the young married couple around seemed to all have children and she wanted one of her own so badly. She didn’t think it was a big deal.


She was so thin that she hadn’t started to show much even after 4 months. She feared telling him, but she knew she had to eventually.


Johnny kept practicing every chance he got. Norah really enjoyed listening to him. By then she had a part-time job and she hoped it would be enough to help support a baby. She figured it couldn’t be that expensive to support a baby. It wouldn’t even cost to feed it since she planned on breast feeding.


One night as Johnny was cooking, the kitchen caught on fire. He tried his best to extinguish it and Norah called the fire truck. But although it saved the house, the kitchen was ruined and they needed to fix it. Having had to insurance, they had to take it out of what little savings they had. It wasn’t a good time to tell Johnny that she was with child, so she decided to wait some more.


For the next few days they had to eat outside on the barbecue while the kitchen was being remodelled. Their old appliances had to be replaced, the walls painted, and new floors laid. All they could afford to eat most nights were hot dogs.


Norah was trying her best to learn to cook in their new kitchen. She wanted to take a course but they couldn’t afford it right now. Johnny teased her that all the cooking she was doing was making her gain some weight. She still didn’t have the heart to tell him the real reason behind her weight gain.


She was approaching her due date when she decided that she had waited far too long and had to tell her husband about the baby. The months had flown so fast and there was always something that came up whenever she wanted to tell him.


Then finally she started going into labour. She panicked not knowing what to do. Her husband didn’t even know he was going to be a father yet! It was late in the evening and Johnny was still at practice with the band.


Finally she called his cell and told him to meet her at the hospital, then she called a cab for herself.


He met her at the hospital. He was crazy with worry. Then between cramps she told him that she was about to give birth to their baby. He wasn’t sure whether to believe her or not and for the first time he noticed that she had only gained weight around her middle.


She delivered a boy. On their way home Johnny wasn’t talking as he followed from behind.


Once home, he finally held his son for the first time, then told her it was a stupid thing to do. He was furious at what she had done, and to have kept it a secret from him for all this time. He wasn’t even sure how they were going to financially get by.


But although he was upset at what she had done, the fact still remained that they had a son and he was here to stay. He was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. They named him Sleven.


They managed to buy him a crib and Norah added some cheap wallpaper in his bedroom. He was so tiny and rarely cried. As planned she was breast feeding him and things were going good.


But soon Norah was tired all the time and complaining about not having time for herself to even sleep enough. Johnny was tired as well. He was spending more time at work in order to make more money. No matter how much money he was making they always seemed to need double the amount.


Norah decided to borrow some money from a friend and went to have her hair done and buy some new clothes. She loved taking care of Sleven, but she hadn’t taken care of herself in so long that she needed it. At first Johnny had been upset, but after seeing how beautiful she was, his anger had vanished. She looked even prettier than the first time he had seen her. Plus she seemed in a much better mood, so he decided not to make a big deal on the fact that she had borrowed money that she knew she couldn’t pay back any time soon.


Norah got a job and hired a babysitter. He was a young man who was still in school and came highly recommended by friends. [Apparently in Sims 3 there are no more old Nanny, which makes it a little interesting.]


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