Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Quinns Part 2


Sleven was already a toddler and Johnny still wasn’t making a lot more money from work. He’d had a small raise, but it wasn’t a big help.


Sleven was a good child and Norah read to him often.


It wasn’t long before Norah got pregnant again. This time she didn’t keep it from her husband. She told him she was expecting again. She explained that it would be good for Sleven to have a brother or a sister. She learned gardening and planted some vegetables in order to help with money.


Although Johnny was concerned for them financially, this time he got to enjoyed the pregnancy.


It wasn’t easy being pregnant and having to take care of a toddler, but Norah managed to mooch money from friends and go the spa to massage her aching back.


When the time came for the baby to be born, she was fortunate that Johnny had been home so he could stay home with Sleven while she went to the Hospital. It seems that Sleven could see the baby already coming out.


Sleven didn’t know what to expect when they told him he was getting a little brother or sister and he hid in his toy box.


Another son was born. They named him Kaine.


Johnny threw a party at home to invite all his coworkers and boss.


To help make ends meet, Johnny played for tips in the park. He brought Sleven along to give Norah a break.


Kaine was growing up fast and was growing more attached to his mother. He didn’t even like it when other people came close to his mother, including his own father.


While Sleven had his father’s gray eyes, he had his mother’s blond hair. Kaine had the opposite and had his father’s black hair and his mother’s green eyes.


Sleven grew up into a beautiful child and started Elementary school. His traits so far are: Friendly, Artistic and Hypochondriac.


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