Thursday, January 9, 2014

Psycho Sal – Part 01


I haven’t played the Sims 3 in a long time because I got bored. The other day I was looking into some challenge forums for some ideas and found this one:  Kidnap Challenge at so I thought this would be interesting. I am blogging about it because I like to do it for myself, but if you find yourself reading this, be warned that it may be offensive to some. I don’t write long stories, I just keep it short and… well, not so sweet in this one.

I use a few of Twallan’s Mods, but even with the mods I have I haven’t figured out how to keep a kidnapped Sim on the lot only with a locked door. After a while they just disappear, so I ended up having to use the Master Controller and adding them to the family.


Meet Sal Fuller and his sister Lacey. Sal’s traits are Evil, Hot-Headed, Rebellious, Mean-Spirited, ….  Lacey’s traits are Absent-Minded, Natural Cook, Neat, Nurturing, Shy….

Sal and Lacey became orphaned when they were young teenagers and ended up in foster homes. After being from one foster home to another because no one could handle Sal’s behaviour, Sal ran away and brought his sister with him. Whatever he told her to do, she’d always do it no questions asked. He got by financially by stealing whatever he could whenever he could get away with it. He hung around crooks that taught him a lot. After doing a few dangerous and dirty jobs for the head of his criminal gang, he found he had enough to buy a small old house. After a few years of being homeless, they settled in a small town called Sunset Valley.



Sal has a few neurotic obsessions, one of them is staying in shape and have no fat at all on his body and he makes sure Lacey stays fat free as well.


They kept to themselves and the only time Sal went out was to do some dirty jobs. Lacey on the other had was ordered to stay home and take care of the house at all times. One day a woman named Kate Pistachio dropped by asking if they needed a maid. Why would he need a maid when he had Lacey for free? But Lacey started complaining to him that she was lonely and that having Kate over would keep her company. Sal had a great idea. He told Kate she was hired.


He gave her a tour of the little house, but when she was in the spare bedroom he locked her inside.


He told Lacey her problem was solved. Kate would be staying with them forever to help with the chores and keep her company but she was never to let her outside the house and keep her hidden from everyone else. Lacey was content with the new arrangements. She never questioned her brother.


Kate soon learned that begging Lacey to let her free was useless since Lacey just tuned her out. Lacey enjoyed cooking for her and then she’d sit and watch her eat. She’d never had a friend before other than her brother.


Lacey even enjoyed watching Kate as she watched TV.


Claire Ursine was one of the gang he worked with, and one evening she asked him if she could crash at his place since she’d had a bad fight with her boyfriend and he had kicked her out of their apartment. Sal agreed.


But when she tried to leave the next day he wouldn’t let her.


He kept her prisoner and forced her to workout hard 5 times a day. He thought she was too fat and he couldn’t stand to look at her.


He began making Lacey workout as well. He told them he hated fat chicks. Claire would cry and complain and tell him she was pregnant, but he figured it was an excuse and forced her to continue.


Claire really was pregnant. That’s why she and her boyfriend had had the fight that night he had kicked her out. He wanted her to get an abortion and she strongly had refused. And so it was one night she woke up with labour pains, but Sal refused to take her to the hospital.


She gave birth to Clorise with Kate’s help in the small bedroom they shared.


Sal warned Clair that if she wanted to keep that baby with her that she would do everything he told her to do, or else she’d never see Clorise again.


As baby Clorise grew, Sal brought in a crib and told them that Clorise would soon have a friend to play with since Lacey was now pregnant. Kate couldn’t help but mumble something about incest and luckily for her Sal didn’t hear her.


One day Torgo Pendragon dropped by to see Sal. He had recently started working with Sal. When noise was heard from the room where he kept the others, Torgo kept asking who was there. Sal made up a story about having a relative over, but then Kate started screaming for help.


Sal was so angry. He took out his gun and decided there was no other solution than to keep Torgo hostage as well.


He then started Torgo on an extreme training schedule and put him on a really limited diet.


He then forced Torgo to empty his savings account and took all his money. With that money he built an extension and made it sound proof and then he kept them locked in there at all times. He added a fridge in there only for Lacey to be able to put leftovers in the fridge for them.


He also installed video cameras around so that he could watch everything that was going on.


When Torgo complimented Lacey’s cooking, Claire whispered to him that sometimes the food was drugged.


Lacey gave birth to a boy whom Sal named Sal Junior.


Sal had never been one to like children much, but he adored his little boy.


He’d often let Sal Jr. go play with little Clorise in the locked room.


Everyone had noticed how Kate hadn’t been looking good for a while and then she got really sick…


To follow the story you can use the navigating menu on the right titled “Psycho Sal”

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