Saturday, January 25, 2014

ISBI Part 01


There are a few “I’m Surrounded By Idiots” Challenges out there that have a bit of differences in the rules, but the main rules are the same. I can only control the main Sim I choose, the rest are all on free will and I can’t click on them. A few ISBI Challenge link: Sims 3 Forum, Boolprop. I uploaded most of my sims on my Sims3 account here: My Sims3 Sims.

The main Sim (The Torch Holder) I am using is Annelle. (She’s a Sim I made to look like my real life sister). I am using an empty Map so that I can populate the Town with my own Sims. (Townies keep popping up though). All the first generation’s names starts with the letter A, the second generation will start with B, etc. I feel this way I will get less confused.


This is her husband Aaron. I downloaded him on but I modified him to my liking.


I decided to add another couple so the Town would populate with my own Sims. This is Anthony (A Sim I made based on my real life husband).


And his wife Adele, a Sim I made myself. The nose looked a lot better in CAS but in the game it looks too shaded for some reason.


And for fun to stir things up I decided to add a Sim I made of myself. She lives alone. I named her Anna.


This is Annelle and Aaron’s House. I know the rules says not to cheat but to start out I used the cheat (freerealestate) and made them move in this house with 3 bedrooms.


I don’t remember their traits by heart because I forgot to write them down, but Annelle is a Natural Cook, Ambitious, Family Oriented, Charismatic and I think the other one is Friendly. And Aaron I don’t remember any.


Annelle just loves to cook. (Just like my sister in real life)


She also loves to throw parties and entertain people. She invited Anthony, Adele, and Anna. Anthony didn’t stay long. He just walked in and complained then left saying the party sucked.


Adele stayed the longest and they enjoyed all the food.


Since I have story progression on I can see what’s going on in other’s lives and I saw that Anthony and Adele had broken up and that he had hooked up with Anna!


Annelle is now pregnant. She doesn’t like the decor in the house and hopes they can save enough money to make some renovations. The sink and toilets are so cheap that they keep breaking down.


When Annelle threw another Party, Anthony and Adele were a couple again and being very lovey dovey.


Thing are also going great with Annelle and Aaron and the pregnancy is going great.


She had a little boy whom they named Bradford.


Bradford is growing up to look a lot like his mother.


Annelle is pregnant again and now Anthony is again broken up with Adele and back with Anna!


Annelle went to visit Anna and Anthony showed up there. She tried to figure out why he kept going from Anna to Adele, but there was no understanding the situation.


They threw a birthday party for Bradford and everyone showed up. It was hard to tell with whom Anthony was with this time but it seemed to be with Adele again.


Annelle: -“Don’t just stand there! Get me to the Hospital, I’m in labour!”


She gave birth to another boy whom they named Blake (I think).


With some money saved up they made some renovations to the kitchen.


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