Monday, January 20, 2014

Psycho Sal – Part 02


Sal hadn’t minded having Kate around. She’d been cooperative and helpful with the housework and the kids, but now that she was extremely sick he couldn’t keep her around.


He fatally drugged her and then buried her.


After he got rid of Kate, Claire began to get difficult to deal with. If it wasn’t for the fact that she had a child he would have gotten rid of her as well immediately.


He then found out Lacey had been sleeping with Torgo and was again pregnant. He was so angry that she’d be bringing another baby that he decided to get rid of Torgo.


No amount of pleading would change his mind. He fatally drugged Torgo like he did Kate, then he buried him as well.


Clorise was growing to be such a sad little girl.


In the meantime Sal started dating a girl he met on the street, Kelly Ashton.


He let her move in and she was free to do whatever she liked. He just loved her the way she was.


Kate was loosing her mind and one day she just lost it and started getting her frustration out on stuff. She accidently found some loose boards on the floor and escaped with her daughter Clorise.


It was Sal Jr. who found them missing when he went to the room to go play with Clorise and found them gone.


Since they failed to track Kate and Clorise and had no idea where they went, they decided to skip town in case she went to the cops. The landed at a secluded beautiful house near the Ocean.


When the woman of the house came outside, they pretended that their car had broken down and needed a phone to call for help.


Once inside he met the man of the house. He pulled out his gun and ordered them to step outside.


He then made them undress and pushed them in the pool and shot them.


He then celebrated his new home by exercising on their treadmill.


Lacey kept busy by keeping the big house clean.


Sal Jr. Enjoyed his new large bedroom and all the toys his father got him.


Kelly got pregnant with Sal’s baby.


They had a baby girl they named Sabrina.


And of course later Sal allured a young woman to their house because he wanted someone to keep Lacey company….


I don’t think I will play this family for a while. But when I do again I will update on the right navigation link.

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