Friday, April 5, 2013

Mortimer and Bella Goth Part 3


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Bella is now expecting their second child. She hasn’t gone back to work ever since she got pregnant with Cassandra.


Cassandra has a little friend named Patches whom she loves to play with a lot. {This is a new addition they added in Sims 3 Generation. I don’t get why some call it Imaginary Friend because everyone else can see the doll. In my game Cassandra is now a Teen and she played with Patches a LOT and it didn’t grow yet.}


Cassandra as a child still playing with Patches.


And Bella gave birth to Alexander.


Gunther is enjoying his new youth and also spending quality time with Cornelia while they wait for Mortimer to maker her some potion as well so that they can be young together again. He brought her to the Spring Fair and they both had a blast.


She had her face painted and they made postcards of each other and enjoyed ice cream and hot dogs.




Cassandra is now a beautiful teenager. She loves to paint, play music, read, and spend time with her family.


Mortimer finally finished his mother’s Potion to make her young again, but after she drank it she didn’t get the same effect as Gunther, instead she turned invisible from the neck down and she learned that she was pregnant!  {I made her and Gunther do Risky WooHoo and she got pregnant. I didn’t know elders could get pregnant. It must be because I have Twallan’s Woohooer.}


Mortimer’s Potion had backfired on Cornelia, he got busy to try to make a new one. Meanwhile she gave birth to a son she named Vladimir.


They threw a Pool Party. By this time Cornelia’s body was visible again, but her mind seemed to be deteriorating. When everyone went for a swim she got naked as if it was a normal thing to do.


It was during the Pool Party that Bella’s father, Simis, passed away while he was in the water.


When Death came he had to jump in the water to get him, lol.


Bella was outside alone late one night when she noticed strange lights coming from the sky.


Suddenly a light beam came down on her and she started to run away from it.


But the force was way too strong for her and it lifted her up.


Then she was gone. Vanished. Just like that.


Everyone is guessing and speculating as to where Bella went. But no one knows. She didn’t take anything with her. They just woke up one morning and she was gone. After a long time of waiting, Mortimer was beginning to grow sour. He was assuming she had left him on her own account.


He then started seeing a ghost. Every night this beautiful young woman would appear to him as he’d lay in bed thinking about Bella. He was starting to believing that he was loosing his mind.


He didn’t know who she was. Finally one night she told him that her name was Lolitha. She had married his father before Mortimer was born. She had died by an accidental electrocution.


Then she stopped showing up. He found her grave and dug it up and put her remains in a metal box and brought it in his room. He hoped that by doing that she’d come back to talk to him. He was so lonely and broken.


Vladimir is proving to be a healthy boy.


Cassandra went to the Prom with a guy she likes from school and was chosen Queen.


Alexander is now a teenager. A handsome young man with his mother’s eye color. He’s a genius, loves to read and spend a lot of time alone.


Like his sister, he also has a doll he’s been playing with since he was a baby. He still plays with it and talks to it constantly.


Meanwhile time is running out on Cornelia. She’s getting older and frailer physically and mentally.