Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mortimer & Bella Goth Part 2


Part 1 - Part 2

After their wedding, Mortimer and Bella moved in with Mortimer’s parents, Gunther and Cornelia. It was understood years ago that whoever Mortimer married would get the Goth Manor.


Gunther and Cornelia were happy to have their son live with them with his new wife. They couldn’t wait for grand children to fill the huge house.


Once they were settled in they threw a party for friends and family. All the excitement was putting a strain on Bella because she had recently found out she was pregnant again.


At least she didn’t have to cook since Cornelia loved to cook and everyone brought food.


But they were all happy. And during winter Bella loved her maternity leave from work.


Mortimer wanted to be home with Bella more, but he couldn't stop himself from doing his work at home.


Cassandra was born with rosy cheeks and dark eyes like her father.


It was during this time that Bella decided to go visit her son Ian. But she didn’t receive a warm welcome from her family. They were upset that she hadn’t visited him before now.


Holly and Michael were now Married and had a daughter of their own, but they had also been raising Ian as their own son. The whole town had assumed Ian was Michael and Holly’s.


She still got to see him. He was a beautiful boy and so grown. And strangely his hair wasn’t black like Bella and Mortimer. No wonder it was easy for everyone to believe he was her brother and Holly’s son.


So she had to get on with her life as a Goth. Her relationship with Cornelia had gotten closer with time. They spent a lot of time together with Cassandra since Cornelia had retired and Gunther was recently made Governor and Mortimer worked long hours as a Scientist.


Cornelia often went in a room alone to dance. She loved to dance alone. Cassandra started going in that room as well to play with her doll Patches whom she spent a lot of time singing to.


Mortimer had been working for years on creating the perfect solution for the fountain of youth. He was convinced that he could create it.


He had a lot of potions stored in his office. (I have a hard time taking snapshots with all the walls up since the room are so small.)


After Gunther was diagnosed with a terminal illness, Mortimer showed his father the potion he had made. His father wanted to be his test subject since he had nothing else to loose. The doctor had given him only a few weeks to a few days to live.


The potion worked. Within a few hours he was young again and he felt better than he had in all his life. He couldn’t wait to tell his wife.


She couldn’t believe her eyes. She was seeing the young handsome man she had met and fell in love with all those years ago.


He loved his wife so much. Had loved her for as long as he could remember. He didn’t want to lose her to old age so he begged for her to also take the potion so that they could live a longer life together.


Mortimer knew there was a chance his potion would work, but he hadn’t known it would work so well. His father’s illness had even vanished. It was like the clock had turned to when he was 20 years old. Now he got busy again. He had to make more of it. He had to make some for his mother.


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