Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mortimer & Bella


This is my story of Mortimer Goth and Bella Bachelor in The Sims 3. For those interesting in reading their whole history from The Sims to the Sims 2 to now their prequel in the Sims 3, you can read it on The Sims Wiki.

Bella_Goth_s_Original_Appearances Mortimer

Mortimer and Bella – Part 1


Bella Bachelor

Mortimer Goth and Bella Bachelor are neighbours and are best friends. Here is their story…

6b32a20e17_61081417_o2 Here is Bella’s childhood house in Sunset Valley where she lives with her parents and brother Michael.


Her family: Her mother Jocasta Bachelor, her father Simis Bachelor, her brother Michael Bachelor and Bella.


I made a few minor changes in their clothes and hair.


Jocasta reads her bed time stories each night.


Bella and Mortimer spend a lot of time together both at school and in either of their houses.


Here is Mortimer Goth’s house where he lives with his parents, The Goth Manor.


When Bella grew into a teenager, I was really surprised by her looks. She wasn’t at all what I expected. But I guess she looks a bit like her mother, especially sideways.

Screenshot-151 Screenshot-152

I did a few minor changes to her mouth, and even though her eyes look huge, I did get them a bit smaller. Her nose is what I had to work most on. To me this is what Bella should look like.


Bella loves Mortimer’s parents, but she doesn’t always get along with his mother Cornelia, mainly because Cornelia is a grumpy person.


However both Cornelia and Gunther are proud that Mortimer and Bella’s friendship blossomed into a romantic relationship when they became teenagers.


They both graduated with top honour.


They continued dating all through high school and in University.


After Michael had graduated from High School he had worked at the grocery store and then started playing sports and went in that direction.


Michael even found a girlfriend (through no help of mine), Holly Alto.


Everything was going perfect in her life until she found out she was pregnant!


Being pregnant before marriage was a huge thing in Mortimer’s family. They would disown him. So they decided to keep it from Mortimer’s parents. The only ones who knew of her pregnancy was Mortimer and her own family. She stayed hidden inside, never going out, letting everyone in Town believe she had went away to study Business.


She had a little boy whom she named Ian Bachelor.


Soon after Mortimer proposed to her and her friends threw her a Bachelorette party.


With their friends and family present, Mortimer and Bella got married.


After the wedding she went to see Ian before leaving to start her new life. It was decided that since no one suspected she had a child, that she would leave Ian with her parents.


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  3. Very nice story, but I never liked Bella Bachelor in the sims 3. She had freakishly huge shiny eyes and plastic looking hair, and she looks like some sort of creepy stalker in the top picture. But the story is very nice and cute.