Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Vampire Challenge Part 02


The Vampire surviving was all in Donna’s hands and she was thirsty herself. When she met a homeless young man, she lured him inside.


She used what little money they had and built an extension to their small house.


She used the extension as a room to put her hostage in. She trapped the homeless young man in there. Since she and Vlad didn’t have use for human food, she added her kitchen furniture and appliances in that room. She then added an old single bed and a toilet and bath.


She and Vlad fed from him whenever they were hungry.


She really loved to feed and it gave her strength and visions she’d never knew was possible.


[My game kept lagging for a few minutes every few seconds and I tried everything I could think of to fix it but failed. So I moved the household into Riverview and now it’s working perfectly!]


They didn’t have any trouble with their hostage Matty. After months of being their blood supply, he didn’t even fear them when they fed on him anymore. He was even pleasant to talk with.  She was now pregnant and needed to feed more often.


Since they needed more Vampires, she decided that Matty would be a great addition. She started turning him to one of them. But the full transformation could take a few days.


They needed another hostage to feed on, so Vlad lured Don Lothario to their house.


Then locked him up with Matty. They would decide his faith later. Either they would keep him for blood supply only until he was too weak and died, or they would eventually turn him like they did with Matty. It all depended on his personality and his behaviour.


She stole all of Don Lothario’s money and sold his car. She was left with over 30 thousand simoleons so she did some repairs and fixed the house.


She made a lot of home improvement and bought some new furniture.


The house was all ready by the time baby Ricky was born.


Things were looking up. So far Donna was doing a good job in helping the Vampire species survive.


Some curious Sim drops by to see what’s going on this hidden house….


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