Wednesday, December 26, 2012

My Vampire Challenge Part 01


I’ve had Sims 3: Late Night for a while now and never played with any vampires at all, so I decided to do a Vampire Challenge. I’m not using any specific rules, but I got my ideas from The Vampire Coven: A Challenge, The Vampire’s Trap: A Challenge.

It all started when Donna’s only living relative, an old uncle she’d never even met, left her his house in Bridgeport after he died. Her uncle, being a recluse, lived in a really small run down house away from the rest of society.


When Donna went to see it, the only thing she loved about it at first was the wonderful view of the Town.


The inside was not only small, but old and stuffy.


Her plan was to sell the old house cheap just to get rid of it. It wasn’t until she met Jessica Talon that she began considering staying, even for a little while. She had noticed Jessica watching her when she’d first came to see the house. Finally Jessica approached Donna and told her that she’d been a good friend of her uncle and that she hoped Donna would stay. Then Jessica gave her a book that had belonged to her uncle. She told her to read it as soon as she could, saying that many lives depended on her.


Donna didn’t give it much thought that Jessica would mention that many lives depended on her. She just figured Jessica was strange or weird. But her curiosity made her start reading the book. It was actually her uncle’s Journal. In it she learned that her uncle had been the founder and Elder of the Bridgeport Vampires and that she was the only living heiress to be made Elder at his death. However, since she wasn’t a vampire, she was to be made one as soon as possible since she was of his special blood and the rest of the vampires would depend on her for guidance. There was a lot more information in the Journal, but she stopped reading and just shook her head. This couldn’t possibly be for real! – Could it?


She couldn’t forget what she’d read in the Journal. It was as if a part of her knew this was true. Like she’d always known, but had buried it deep down. Who was she really? What was she?


And then Jessica introduced her to Vladimir Schlick. He was an Elite and since he was the oldest Vampire living, he was chosen to Turn Donna into a Vampire.


Donna was really nervous when she first met Vladimir. She found him extremely attractive but he also scared her.


When he bit her he was extremely gentle with her and eased her anxiety.


Then promising to see her later, he left.


Gradually she started seeing changes in her skin and the way she felt.


The following morning when she woke up she was surprised to see the extreme changes in her transformation.


She really loved the way she felt and looked. She changed the way she wore her hair and applied a bit of rouge to her lips. She was beginning to see the world differently than she’d ever had. everything was much more vibrant and clear.


Valdimir came to see her again and was smitten by the changes in her. He offered her a diamond ring and asked if she’d be his wife.


They were married shortly after.


They had a small gathering after they exchanged their vows with the few vampires remaining in Bridgeport.


That night Jessica handed her a letter that her great uncle had written on his death bed, it was meant for her. It read:

“The light in the eyes of our kin is fading. The final plasma fruit has wilted. I leave you this letter in the final hopes that you, my last living relative, will turn and then rise from your coffin and strike. Expand, my dear, and gather our forces in the eternal night. Keep them by your fingers. Your love is the coven, but more importantly, your love is our breed. The humans are cattle. Heed tradition, punish severely. All sacrifices may be made for the holy goal. Our species is golden.
It rests in your hands.”

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